AECOM is inviting everyone to join The Future of Infrastructure: Philippines Webinar Series 2020 discussion about Rethinking Rail Systems for a Sustainable Future on 27 August 2020 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am via Microsoft Teams live event.

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Rethinking rail

A country’s mass transit system – long-distance rail, metro, tram and light rail – forms the backbone of a nation’s transport infrastructure, bridging connectivity for commuters to get to schools, workplaces and businesses, and elevating its population’s access to education and opportunities.

With the coronavirus pandemic triggering a new order of remote working and schooling, how has the disruption changed the way transport infrastructure stakeholders and commuters view mass transit systems, particularly in areas of safety and its design, finance, build and operating model?

Will transit ridership, demand and future commuting patterns change? What must be done now to ensure relevance, commercial viability as well as resilience and interoperability of new rail projects?

This webinar will discuss what future-ready urban rail systems look like for Asia, particularly in the Philippines, and the ways to deliver them more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Who should attend

The Future of Infrastructure: Philippines Webinar Series 2020 is open to all, especially those who are keen on understanding infrastructure and the built environment in the country and the region.

Webinar outcome

The webinar series is aimed at raising discussions on the possibilities in making our cities resilient together and delivering better infrastructure for the good of the nation.