The Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) monitors, evaluates and formulates recommendations on the implementation of development plans and programs in the region.

Legal Mandates

Executive Order No. 93 s. 1993. Mandates the RPMC to monitor all foreign assisted projects (loan or grant funded), interprovincial projects, area development projects, nationally-funded and locally-funded projects, and other projects considered critical by the Office of the President and the Regional Development Council, which are implemented in the region.


  • Program/project monitoring of foreign assisted and locally funded programs/projects, including RDC indentified critical projects.


  • Conducts regular quarterly meetings
  • Discusses problems and forwards recommendations to the Regional Development Council/Local Development Council
  • Elevates problems/issues to appropriate bodies
  • Initiates problem-solving sessions, when necessary, to resolve specific issues with concerned agencies/entities
  • Provides feedback on remedial actions of the RPMC and the RDC and follow-up their implementation
  • Prepares/disseminates periodic monitoring reports

Technical Coordinator

The Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) of NEDA serves as the secretariat of the Committee.

For a complete list of the members of the Regional Project Monitoring Committee, click here.