The Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC) deals with land use and physical planning, decides on land use conflicts involving two or more municipalities and provides policy directions in the performance of their physical planning functions.

Legal Basis

Executive Order 720, series of 2008. Amending LOI 1350, otherwise known as “Providing for an Institutional Framework for National Physical Planning.”


  • Land use and physical planning and decides policy land use conflicts involving NGAs and provides policy directions in the performance of their physical planning functions


  • Formulate the RPFP, taking into consideration national/inter-regional/regional/ local plans and  policies
  • Promote/advance the integration of land use/physical planning policies/ plans/programs into the regional plans/programs
  • Review, prior to SP approval, the PDPFPs and CLUPs (HUCs/ ICCs) for consistency with RPFP and NB-NLUC policies/ standards/ guidelines
  • Decide and resolve region-specific land use policy conflicts among regions, elevate any unresolved conflicts to the NB-NLUC
  • As necessary, convene an ad hoc TWG to review and propose actions on specific land use concerns and policy conflicts
  • Assess changes in land use and other physical resources in the region and the implementation of RPFP policies
  • As input to RC endorsements, evaluate the consistency of major programs and projects with the RPFP and their impact on land use and the environment
  • Undertake the gathering, updating and maintenance of a regional database system
  • Perform other related functions as may be directed by the NB-NLUC

Technical Coordinator

The Policy Formulation and Planning Division of NEDA serves as the secretariat of the Committee.

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