The Regional Investment and Competitiveness Coordination Committee (Ri3C) regularly monitors the level of competitiveness of the region and provides policy recommendations to the RDC.

Legal Basis

RDC-VI Res. No. VI- 19, s. 2012. Resolution Approving the Creation of the Regional Competitiveness Committee as a Special Committee of the Regional Development Council.


  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Industry and Trade
  • Tourism
  • Science and Technology
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Good Governance and Institution-Building
  • Statistics and Data Banking
  • Communications and Advocacy
  • Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
  • Education and Manpower Development
  • Transportation and Communication
  • Power and Water
  • Public Buildings


  • Measure local competitiveness based on a standard set of competitiveness indicators
  • Formulate programs to improve regional competitiveness
  • Engage in investment promotion activities to attract investors in the region
  • Contribute to employment generation and job creation in the region
  • Advice the Council on actions to be undertaken in order to boost the region’s competitiveness vis-à-vis other regions in the country and selected Asian cities
  • Perform other related functions as may be assigned by the Council

Technical Coordinator

The Project Development, Investment Programming and Budgeting Division of NEDA serves as the secretariat of the Committee

For a complete list of the members of the Regional Competitiveness Committee, click here.