NEDA documents are governed by the Disclosure Policy Guidelines of Classified NEDA Documents. This Policy seeks to define the balance between the need to grant the public maximum access to documents in the possession of NEDA and the agency’s obligation to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the documents, safeguard the deliberative process and promptly respond to request without hampering normal operations. As a rule, classification and access to NEDA documents are determined based on the contents thereof.

The Policy classifies the RDC Resolutions as CONFIDENTIAL under Section 1.3.4. Confidential documents are information, materials within the terms of reference of NEDA in which their unauthorized disclosure would be prejudicial to the interest or prestige of the nation or governmental activity or would cause administrative embarrassment to an individual.

A certified true copy of the Resolution may be released upon request, subject to exceptions and/or limitations recognized by existing laws and jurisprudence to override risk of harm to a legitimate interest.

Below are titles of the approved RDC Resolutions from 1998 to present.

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