Executive Committee

Acts on matters that require immediate attention for and on behalf of the RDC when the latter is not in session. It shall comprise one-fourth of the total membership of the fully-constituted Council.

The members of the Executive Committee are composed of governors of the six (6) provinces, mayors of the two (2) highly urbanized cities, chairpersons of the four (4) sector committees and one representative from the mayors of capital towns and one representative from the presidents of league of municipalities.

Sector Committees

The RDC has four (4) sector committees, and these are:

The sector committees may create sub-sector committees and/or technical working groups as may be necessary. Such committees and work groups will provide the technical reports that will be required for proper deliberation of the RDC, the Executive Committee or the Advisory Committee of issues and concerns at hand.

Special Committees

The RDC has six (7) special committees, and these are:

Advisory Committee

Composed of the 18 members of the House of Representatives representing the congressional districts of the region and the 18 members of the Council’s Executive Committee.

The Advisory Committee meets annually at the House of Representatives to discuss, among others, the region’s development plan and investment program, the major priority programs and projects of the region that require budgetary support, and legislative proposals affecting Region VI.

AdHoc Committee

Created for specific purposes or to resolve urgent concerns. The AdHoc Committee is dissolved once the concern is addressed.