The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Iloilo Provincial Statistical Office (IPSO) has conducted their Third Level Training for July 2019 Labor Force Survey and its rider survey, the 2019 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS) on July 1-5, 2019 at PSA RSSO 6 Learning Center with 34 trainees composed of 13 Hired Statistical Researchers, 8 Job-Order Statistical Clerks, and 13 regular employees.

Annual Poverty Indicators Survey is a nationwide survey that presents data on the socioeconomic profile of Filipino families, and other information that relates to their living conditions. APIS provides accurate and consistent production of poverty-related date to be used at the national and regional level for policy-making and development planning, and also aims to supplement the identification of poor families through the use of non-income based indicators and to gather on their socio-economic profile and other information that relates to their living condition. As a rider to the Labor Force Survey (LFS), all sample households of the LFS will be interviewed for the APIS. However, only members of the family that is related to the household head by blood, marriage or adoption, will be considered as members in APIS sample.

The PSA Iloilo has a total sample of 359 households for Iloilo City and 381 households for the Province of Iloilo (excluding Iloilo City). The PSA Iloilo data collector is expected to start their enumeration on July 9, 2019.

In line with the abovementioned undertaking, PSA Iloilo is requesting for the support and cooperation of the people especially to the sample households. Also, the office would like to encourage the people specifically the respondents to give reliable and accurate data to the interviewers and they need not to worry about their privacy since their data is protected by RA 10625 otherwise known as the Philippine Statistical Act of 2013 and RA 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Moreover, the office would like to remind the public of the importance of the results of the surveys conducted by the office in the formulation of policies and for implementation of programs of the government for the country’s development and economic progress. (PSA)

Provincial Statistics Officer