Nature’s bounty of scenic attractions are found in Aklan. Boracay Island, the province’s top tourist destination is known throughout the world for its fine white sand beach and crystal clear waters.

Explore exciting caves, cascading waterfalls and natural pools. Ascend the seven-basin waterfalls in Jawili. Plunge into the natural cold springs of Nabas. Conquer the five caves of Buruanga town,t eh biggest of which is Ignito Cave, known for its cathedral-like chambers.

Immerse in the province’s man-made attractions. Heed the call of Ati-atihan Festival (every 3rd week of January) and join the rhythmic dancing of participants who darken their bodies with soot and don colorful tribal finery.

Get to know more about Aklan by visiting their website. (http://www.aklan.gov.ph/)