In celebration of the 2023 National Women’s Month, the Organization of NEDA Employees (ONE) and NEDA-VI conducted a de-stressing activity to boost the health and wellness of its employees.

The said event was conducted on March 29, 2023 at the ONE lounge of the NEDA-VI Office, that was converted into a spa environment complete with dim lights, ambient music, mood candles and diffusers. The NEDA-VI staff availed of PHP100.00 transferable vouchers subsidized by the ONE-VI.

The self-care session was organized to help minimize the factors that contribute to stress-related diseases and was deemed essential to boost productivity among workers, particularly the female workforce and solo parents, who most often bear the burden of multilayered responsibilities and concerns in balancing work and domestic life.

The activity was likewise supportive of the welfare of persons with disabilities. Vision-impaired therapists were requested to be the service providers for this activity. The NEDA Regional Office VI management sponsored the transportation, meals and tokens for the requested therapists.   (IGPahila/NEDA6)