In celebration of Museums and Galleries Month 2023, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Office VI and the Organization of NEDA VI Employees (ONE VI) conducted a learning session on local museums in Iloilo City on 17 October 2023. The activity aimed to capacitate NEDA VI staff in handling in-house tour guiding activities focused on local museums. It also served as a learning opportunity for the staff to be acquainted with the region’s rich economic and cultural heritage, and raise awareness of the economic benefits of museums and the role they play in increasing job opportunities, tourism activities, and tax revenues of the region.

The learning session included a visit to three local museums: the Philippine Museum of Economic History, the Museum of Philippine Maritime History, and the National Museum of Western Visayas. The Philippine Museum of Economic History tells the story of the country’s economic development from the pre-colonial period to the present day. Its collection includes artifacts, artworks, and documents that illustrate the country’s diverse economic activities, including agriculture, trade, and industry. The Museum of Philippine Maritime History showcases the country’s maritime heritage, from the early days of seafaring to the present day. It features a variety of exhibits on topics such as shipbuilding, navigation, and maritime trade. The National Museum of Western Visayas preserves and promotes the rich cultural heritage of the Western Visayas. Its permanent galleries and temporary exhibitions showcase a variety of topics related to the region’s history, culture, and arts.

The activity provided NEDA VI staff an opportunity to appreciate the importance of museums in educating the public, fostering patriotism, and promoting tourism and economic development. It was also a fun and engaging way for the staff to bond with each other. (LMSecreto/PDIPBD)