NEDA Region VI is in need of the following:
(2) Chief Economic Development Specialist (ODGB-CEDS-56-1998) (ODGB-CEDS-70-1998)
(1) Economic Development Specialist II (ODGB-EDS2-49-1998)
(1) Administrative Assistant II (ODGB-ADAS2-44-2004)
(2) Administrative Assistant III (SG 9) (ODGB-ADAS3-40-2004) (ODGB-ADAS3-02-2017)
(1) Administrative Aide VI (SG 6) (ODGB-ADA6-38-2004)
Interested applicants should send a copy of the following REQUIREMENTS together with a COVER/APPLICATION LETTER to
1. Resume
2. CS Form No. 212 Accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
3. CS Form No. 212 Work Experience Sheet (Attachment to PDS)
4. Certificate of Civil Service Eligibility
5. Transcript of Records and Diploma
6. Training Certificates
7. Performance Rating (for government employees including Job Order / Contract of Service personnel)
Applications with INCOMPLETE requirements WILL NOT be entertained.
For inquiries, you may contact the NEDA Regional Office VI, trunk line at (033) 3376840 Local 507, or mobile numbers 0917 109 9912 (globe) and 0936 434 1947 (smart).
/updated 21 October 2021