The City of Iloilo was selected as pilot site for the Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) System Technical Assistance (TA) Grant from the Netherlands.  This was after the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center of the Philippines submitted a request for TA to the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Philippines.

The TA aims to support the development of local PPPs in the Philippines, which includes joint-venture agreements, by local government units (LGUs), particularly in the ISWM sector. This project seeks to beef up the technical expertise of the PPP Center in developing business cases on IWSM.

Under the grant, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency shall fund at least one consultant to be assigned to the PPP Center. Said consultant will provide technical and organizational expertise.  Specifically, the consultant will help the PPP Center in the development of an ISWM in a pilot LGU.  Based on a shortlist of eligible LGUs, Iloilo City was chosen to be the pilot LGU.

The consultant, in order to be hired for the project, must qualify for the four (4) profiles formulated by the PPP Center, namely: PPP Lead Advisor, Municipal Solid Waste Management expert, Civil Engineer, and Project Finance Specialist.

After deliberation, and in order to maximize the budget, two consultants will be hired.  These consultants will come from the Netherlands. The TA will cover funding for two 10-day visits of both consultants, including a site visit to Iloilo City.  Other than the site visits, the rest of the work will be done online.

The identified training topics to be discussed by the consultants are as follows:

  1. Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries
  2. Environmental Management and Ethics: Decision-support tools
  3. Climate Change and Sustainable Investing
  4. Presentation of the Conceptual Framework: SWM Value Chain and Opportunities for PPPs
  5. Developing a Business Case for SWM PPP

At the end of the project, it is expected that the PPP Center Project Development Team will be capacitated to a point where the team will be able to develop business cases on solid waste management. The experts will also prepare a training manual, which can be utilized by the PPP Center Project Development Team in future IWSM projects.

Also, the experts will present the results to an audience of LGUs in a webinar, part of which are deliberations on why the business case was chosen for certain technologies and configurations, and how this could be applied to the situations of the  LGUs in the audience. The experts are also expected to provide a full evaluation of the TA within four weeks after all deliverables are completed.

As the pilot LGU, Iloilo City is expected to benefit tremendously from the project and will serve as a model for other LGUs in the country in terms of ISWM.  The project will also help address the growing need of the city for an effective solid waste management system.

Last Jan 14, NEDA has favorably endorsed the subject proposal of the PPP Center for possible TA grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, amounting to EUR 87,000. /IBPpBillones,PDIPBD