• Transportation (Land, Air and Sea Transportation)
  • Communications (Postal Communication and Telecommunications)
  • Power (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)
  • Water Resources (Water Supply, Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control)
  • Public Buildings
  • Social Infrastructure


  • Review and endorse programs/projects of national government agencies and local government units in the region to the Council requiring national government financial exposure which may come in the form of guarantees, national government budget appropriations or subsidies, among others
  • Undertake the formulation and prioritization of development plans and investment programs for the infrastructure development sector
  • Conduct review of investment programs and budget proposals submitted by the regional line agencies to ensure consistency with the priority thrusts of the region
  • Coordinate the implementation of activities/programs/projects related to the infrastructure development sector and involving several line agencies and local government units
  • Identify pertinent development issues/concerns and recommend actions where appropriate including provision of technical assistance when requested
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of sectoral development plans and investment programs and assess the performance of the infrastructure development sector
  • Perform other related functions as may be assigned by the Council

Technical Coordinator

The Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) of NEDA serves as the secretariat of the Committee.

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