• Good governance and institution building
  • Socioeconomic planning
  • Peace and security
  • Law enforcement and administration of justice
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Development finance and regional budgeting


  • In coordination with sectoral committees concerned, monitor, review and evaluate implementation of all programs and projects in the area of development administration in the region and identify implementation gaps and act on these directly or through a recommendation to the RDC;
  • Review and recommend to the RDC, agency regional budget proposals of agencies particularly those concerned with development administration;
  • Coordinate the formulation, evaluation, approval of medium-term and annual socio-economic development plans and investment programs of agencies concerned with development administration;
  • Propose policies, guidelines, systems and programs and projects designed for effective government and management services;
  • Create subcommittees and task forces, as it may be necessary to carry out its objectives;
  • Prepare and submit annual accomplishment reports

Technical Coordinator

The Policy Formulation and Planning Division (PFPD) of NEDA serves as the secretariat of the Committee.

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