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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN, pronounced “Asyan”) was established by five (5) founding member-nations: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore through the signing of the ASEAN Declaration on August 8, 1967 in Bangkok for the three pillars of political, economic, and social cooperation.

On November 20, 2007 the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint was signed by all 10 member-nations to abide and implement the AEC by 2015. It is focused to deepen and broaden economic integration in the ASEAN.

The Regional Development Council of Region VI (RDC-VI) created under its Economic Development Committee an adhoc Sub-Committee on AEC through Resolution No. VI-18, series of 2013 in order to coordinate initiatives and spearhead advocacy on AEC 2015 in the region. Thus, the AEC Resource Center was established in the website of the NEDA and RDC-VI.

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